NTARC Database

NTARC Database

Network Traffic Analysis Research Curation


Daniel Ferreira, TU Wien



  • Reading papers is time-exhaustive
  • Each day more research, impossible to read everything
  • No standardized methodologies (in network traffic research)

The NT Analysis Pipeline



  • Easy to find unresearched topics
  • Enables another perspective of the research
  • Enables reproducibility
  • Encourages standardization

NTARC Database

What Is It?

Collection of JSON files, include structured and unstructured data

We collect many parameters on what was previously researched


Who has used SVM for anomaly detection, and in which dataset?

Is the size of the packet often used to detect DDoS attacks?

What We Have

  • 71 papers with NTARC.v1
  • > 50 papers with NTARC.v2
  • v1 and v2 have 33 papers in common

v1 is now deprecated, but not all content exists (yet) in v2




Viewing the Database


How Can I Use It?

Which papers do anomaly detection?

with grep (v1)

with grep (v2)

with python (v2)


with python (v2)


with python (v2)

What Can It Be Used For?

  • Which methods have already been applied?
  • What datasets are being used?
  • What are the main gaps in the field?
  • Whatever else you can think of…

What Features Are Most Used?

Feature usage

Made with NTARC.v1

Reference: Ferreira, D. C., Vázquez, F. I., Vormayr, G., Bachl, M., & Zseby, T. (2017, August). A meta-analysis approach for feature selection in network traffic research. In Proceedings of the Reproducibility Workshop (pp. 17-20). ACM.

Why Should I Contribute?

By contributing, you will…

  • increase long-time quality of Network Analysis research
  • quickly learn what is important to read in papers
  • become more critical of research
  • write easier to comprehend papers

How Can I Contribute?

  1. Find a paper that deals with traffic analysis at network level (ask us if you need suggestions)
  2. Read the paper
  3. Curate the paper to an NTARC file
  4. Open a pull-request on Github to add to the database

Curating a Paper

Editor demo


Paper blocks


  • NTARC format
  • Search for papers in the database
  • Adding papers is good for everyone!